The Interactive Fountain In Central Park Shows Itself As A Place For The Maple Grove Community To Come Together

Cool off this summer in Central Park’s interactive fountain.

Whether you like running through fountain jets or watching the beautiful lights come on in the evening, the fountain in Central Park  is a place for the community to gather.

Set on the East side of Central Park, the fountain, opened in 2015,  is adjacent to a huge playground. “You can just walk by it and hear the squeals of the children and know they are having a good time,” says Parks and Recreation’s administrative supervisor, Patty Anderson.

“It’s really just like running a swimming pool only there isn’t a standing body of water to jump into,” says aquatic supervisor Lisa Gedker. The water is recirculated into jet streams after going through multiple filtration systems and being treated with chlorine.

The fountain also has a sophisticated cycle of jet stream heights. “There is a toddler program earlier in the day,” Gedker says. The later in the day,, the higher they go.”

 “[The fountain] has been very, very well received by the community. They’re excited to have something to come and play in,” says Anderson.

Monday–Sunday, 10 a.m.–8:30 p.m.; Show mode with lights on from 8:45–10 p.m.

By The Numbers
Jet sprays: 49
Arching sprays: 18
Total people capacity: 139
Square feet: 2,100
Max height of spray: 6 feet