“There is no teacher equal to a mother, and there’s nothing more contagious than the dignity of a father.”—Amit Ray

Happy Mother’s and Father’s Days!

Dear March, Come in
How glad I am
I hoped for you before
Put down your hat
You must have walked
How out of breath you are ...
- Emily Dickinson

Need a fresh start? This issue provides opportunities for changes in outlooks, the way we care for others and ourselves, personal style, artistic endeavors and more!

December is as good as month as any for a twist. In our Noteworthy section, we decided to offer our regular contributors a month off and turned to some of our Advisory Board members, who fill the space with some of their favorite holiday traditions and recipes. 

As the temps drop, home entertaining heats up. This issue has ideas for cocktail tasting parties, ways to brush up on cooking vocab and recipes for a crowd.

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March might come in like a lion, but October arrives at the hands of ghosts (friendly and otherwise), goblins (grinning or sneering) and a host of other mischief makers and sweets seekers. Though Halloween doesn’t come until the end of the month, many of us begin the festivities much earlier with October 31-themed decorations for our homes—inside and out.