April 2016 Maple Grove Magazine

In the April issue remenisce about popular hairstyles through the decades, get a glimpse of a day in the life of a firefighter and find out where to get fabulous bargains on food and drink around Maple Grove.

Mindy Gallagher has had a lifelong passion for taking photographs. “In high school, I took every photo class I could get my hands on,” she says.


Everyone likes a bargain. And if it includes good food and drink, the deals are even sweeter. Whether you are craving savings on appetizers, entrées, drinks or dessert, we’ve rounded up delicious ideas too tasty to pass up.


Many Maple Grove residents took the plunge into Fish Lake for Special Olympics Minnesota this year and had fun doing it!


The annual Arbor Day Festival has been a tradition in the Maple Grove community for more than three decades. In its 31st year, the Arbor Day event will offer familiar demonstrations and activities, along with some new additions.


Two decades ago, LeRoy and Barb Dahlberg’s sprawling backyard was home to a few lonely trees, a makeshift baseball diamond and an endless stream of their kids’ neighborhood friends.


What is it like to become a Maple Grove firefighter? During the next nine months, Maple Grove Magazine will follow events in the lives of two of the city’s newest firefighting recruits, Stephanie Firestone and Justin Siemieniewski.


Three species account for 55 percent of all trees in Maple Grove: maple, ash and spruce. Populations of an insect called emerald ash borer, commonly known as EAB, have killed more than 40 million ash trees nationwide. It has become the most destructive forest insect to ever invade North America.


Charles Adams and Thomas Widhalm, the founders of Francis Metal Works, weld creativity and artistic skill with a love for the outdoors to make one-of-a-kind stone sculptures.


Modern technology means more multitasking—listening to music, texting, surfing the web—all tasks that can lower awareness of what’s going on around you.


The Pollinator Pack, available this spring, comes with six different perennials in each pack of six plants. There are even specific packs for different flying insects.


Megan Bearce, a Maple Grove resident and member of the Women of Words writing group, is the author of Super Commuter Couples: Staying Together When a Job Keeps You Apart.


Since the opening of Maple Grove Hospital five years ago, the Knitting Grandmas have been crafting hats for each and every baby born there. Founded by Molly Sullivan and two other women, the group of about 50 knitters is now co-led by Jerry Enders and Kim Wood.


Now In its ninth year, the annual 5K and half-marathon hosted by the Maple Grove Lions strives to highlight causes that make the community proud.