December 2017 Maple Grove Magazine

In the December issue we're sharing the ultimate gift guide for man's best friend!

Thirteen-year-old King Charles cavalier spaniel, Molly waited patiently for a treat as her owner, Patti Johnson took advantage of the sweet pose at her home in Maple Grove.


With all the holiday parties, hectic errands and celebrations of the past few months, now is the time for a fresh start, both in planning New Year’s resolutions and the pants-don’t-fit-anymore sense.


The snow is deep and you’re tired of breaking through the crust with each step. Enter, the snowshoe! It distributes weight over a broad area, so each footfall doesn’t become an “ankle freeze.”


Humans aren’t the only ones who need love around the holidays. That’s why we’ve put together an extensive pet gift guide full of goodies for your pets to enjoy this holiday.



A Christmas party of tidings, tinsel and togetherness is coming to town. Jennifer Ebeling’s celebration conveys the warmth of the season like no other. The Maple Grove resident embraces sing-alongs and other family-style experiences with a live Santa, party games and more.


In 2005, when Chris Lower was 35, he contracted a flu virus that landed in his heart and left him with congestive heart failure. Doctors gave him five years to live. Lower, newly married and months away from becoming a father, committed to doing everything possible to prolong his life.


When Faye Welk, the owner of The Special Touch Gift Shop, opened her retail store in 1990, she wanted to use her passion for interior decorating to create a space where those seeking timeless, quality home décor could find unique home ac


For many of us, the holidays necessitate at least some travel, whether it’s an overnight trip to visit the in-laws or a much-needed vacation to a warmer climate.


We’ve all seen the commercials where fluffy puppies with big, innocent eyes and huge red bows around their necks are handed to shrieking holiday gift recipients. Despite gifters’ best intentions, pet ownership is a big deal—and rushing into it can sometimes do more harm than good.


Portillo’s Chicago-style restaurant was created in 1963 by Dick Portillo after investing $1,100 in a trailer with no running water.


Children’s memories of the New Year can stay with them for years to come. So for the past decade parents have carried on a tradition of going to the Family New Year’s Eve Party at the Maple Grove Community Center.


As the weather changes, so does your pet’s skin; dryness is a common side effect of winter. Here are a few tips courtesy of Keith Miller at Bubbly Paws to keep your pooch ready and safe for winter.


After just one year of learning the Greek language, Pranav Rupireddy, currently a junior at Parnassus Preparatory Charter School, was one of two students worldwide who earned a perfect score on the National Greek Exam last year. Rupireddy enjoys the language because of its difficulty.


Sharing a meal is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Lookout Bar & Grill owner Mike Kinnan is announcing a new menu item this season: smoked wild rice meatloaf.


For the last decade, four girls have been learning and performing an Indian classical dance style called Bharatanatyam, in the Maple Grove home of their teacher, Seetha Thuraimanikam.