January 2014

In the January issue of Maple Grove Magazine, you'll find the best game-day grub from some of our favorite Maple Grove restaurants. If speed is your need, you'll also find some of the best thrill adventures in town in our new feature. You'll get drink and food recipes and more, as well, so be sure to pick up a copy today!

Lisa Willey is constantly snapping photos. In fact, Willey owns her own business, Lisa Marie Photography, where she takes family photos and other portraits.


An orienteering class at the Eastman Nature Center is a fun way to spend a fall day. All photos by Rich Moll.


The Maple Grove Art Center entertained some ghoulish guests at the opening of its annual Monster Art show. All photos by Rich Moll.


Meet Merrilyn Tauscher, the “FoodE Expert” at Byerly’s Maple Grove location. Tauscher helps inspire and educate people about food through cooking demos, special events and delicious recipes for any occasion.


When a fire wiped out the Law Enforcement Training Facility two years ago much was lost, but from the ashes arose a new opportunity for Maple Grove citizens.


At 22, Maple Grove resident Cindy Rogers attended a routine appointment with her local eye care physician when she was living in Ohio. When she received a new pair of glasses weeks later she discovered they did not correct her vision.


Dee Dee Mittelstaedt never knows what she’ll be framing next. The list of items that she’s matted and framed while she’s operated an Osseo shop called Frames to You, is vast and varied. She’s designed frames for thousands of needlepoint pieces, watercolor artwork, and hand-painted portraits.


Two new faces have been a part of Maple Grove Senior High (MGSH) this school year. Michael Lehan and Eric Mjolsness have joined the MGSH faculty as assistant principals. Lehan previously served as the assistant principal for Harding High School in St. Paul. Mjolsness spent 13 years in the St.


Running and walking during the winter months can seem more like an arctic excursion than exercise. Take your fitness indoors so you can break a sweat.


Did you ice skate, play hockey or as a true Minnesotan just love being on the ice? A volunteer opportunity at the Maple Grove Community Center’s indoor skating rink is waiting for you. The ice rink is in search of adults over the age of 20 to supervise open skating on weekends.


January is a month meant for looking towards the future, but this year indulge in some memories and travel back to the past. We asked some book, wine and music experts to share some of their favorite “forgotten classics”, so you can sit back, relax and let your memory do the thinking!


With a mission of creating smiles, Menchie’s frozen yogurt is focused on creating a unique experience for every customer.


If we are not vigilant, Minnesotans are at risk of drifting into torpor in the deep winter months. After the whirl of holiday gatherings is over we are beset by cold and darkness and the temptation to hide out under a pile of down comforters is hard to resist.


You won’t want to miss the upcoming production of The Mitten,beginning January 17, part of Stages Theatre Company’s 30th anniversary season.


At age 17, Jakob Fjeldsted has seen more of the world than most of us have at 30 or 40.


What’s your favorite part of football season? Maybe it’s cheering for your favorite team, or gathering with family and friends to watch the big game. But let’s be honest: For many football fans, the best part of a game-day gathering is the food.