January 2015

In the January issue of Maple Grove Magazine you'll meet Maple Grove's top volunteers, take a cold leap with the local Polar Plungers braving the icy waters for a good cause and find the most kid-friendly restaurants around town.

Before there was “go green” and eco-friendly everything, Maple Grove’s George Lucht was conserving water in the most unconventional way.


The holidays are over, and after all those family dinners and parties, you probably don’t want to look at your stove for weeks. But taking kids out to eat can sometimes be a hassle. On one hand, you get out of the house and don’t have to cook.


It was a stylish runway at the senior fashion show presented by the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes and Main Street in partnership with the Maple Grove Park and Rec Senior Center.


Talk about an animated start to your weekend. On Saturday, January 24, parent volunteers will man the grill as their costumed teens dish out pancakes, sausages, coffee, juice and other goodies provided by local businesses.


David Andersen has heard people say, “Your life story would make a great movie.” It’s a short way of saying that this Maple Grove resident and architect has had his fair share of globe-trotting adventures, and took the crooked path to get there.


Part of what makes our Maple Grove community so great is people’s willingness to give back. Every day, there are people around town donating their time to worthy causes and helping those around them.


Minnesotans love their lakes, and Maple Grove residents are no exception. Lakes offer four seasons of outdoor activities and boatloads of fun. Maple Grove has a chain of lakes embedded in the city’s identity and way of life.


Skyler DeGrote is the 22-year-old author of two books in the Soul Collection triology—and she’s working on another. A 2010 Maple Grove Senior High graduate, DeGrote recently finished a degree in advertising and graphic communications at the University of Minnesota-Moorhead.


Seems kind of crazy to jump into a body of water in the dead of winter, doesn’t it? Sure, we’re Minnesotans and accustomed to the cold, but that doesn’t mean we think jumping into a freezing lake is fun.


Do you like going to your office? If thinking about your office makes you depressed, consider changing your current office design. Your space could encourage creative solutions, increase productivity and give you a way to recharge your tired, computer-fried brain.


One of our favorite local stage organizations, Yellow Tree Theatre, has been awarded the 2014 Star Tribune Best of Minnesota’s “Best unexpected place to find great theater” award, and is the 2014 winner of a Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Arts Achievement Award.


As a kid, did you ever want to be a firefighter? Here’s your opportunity: Maple Grove volunteer firefighters all live in the city, have regular jobs, and are on call to respond during their available time—with a special need during weekday hours.


Ever read an article in an old magazine issue at your fitness club or doctor’s office, and then want to tell someone else about what you read? Chances are good you can find that magazine with your library card.


Don’t forget to bring a little piece of Maple Grove with you when you travel! Snap a shot of someone holding a copy of Maple Grove Magazine for a future installment of Travel Log.


Do you know a high school junior who is outstanding at everything? Do they serve the community and participate in extracurriculars? Do they get super grades and hold down a job all at the same time?


Maple Grove’s Roger A. Seim was appointed the 2015 President of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Foundation.


Substantial improvements to health care options in our community are on the horizon in 2015, with a 300 percent expansion of the Park Nicollet Clinic already well underway.


Name: Anne Schopen

Hometown: Jefferson, Wisconsin

Occupation: Mother, public relations leader, director of client services at Pineapple Reputation Management