January 2017 Maple Grove Magazine

In our first issue of the new year get to know KSTP meteorologist Ken Barlow, check out a wedding prep list and give your body and brain a workout at a new local gym.

Meet Grayson Majkozak. His birthday suit serves as perfect attire for his first real photo shoot, with the addition of a little bit of winter warmth.


The tantalizing aroma of steaming chicken tikka masala, tender chunks of chicken in a house made red curry sauce; palak paneer, a fresh cheese and spinach curry; and vegetable samosas, savory vegetable pastries; greets guests as they walk through the door at India House in The Fountains at Arbor


It’s the middle of winter, and surely everyone could use a warm day at the beach right about now.


2015 Minnesota Wedding Stats

• 32,794: Number of weddings

• 27-29 years: Median age of couple

• $8,853: Average cost of engagement ring

• $29,000: Average cost of a wedding


On October 12th of 2012, KSTP meteorologist Ken Barlow surprised himself. With trembling hands, during an appearance on the Twin Cities Public Television show Almanac, Barlow made public that he lives with bipolar disorder.


There may be no small jobs in education, but there sure are big ones, including being principal to an elementary school of almost 900 students and 100 staff. That describes Tim Brown’s role since September 2015 at Rush Creek Elementary in western Maple Grove.


While it’s a fair bet that readers know about Three Rivers Park District, how many of us are aware that there is a nonprofit foundation behind it?


Hong Kim’s story is a common one. He grew up in South Korea, did well academically, played sports, became an electronics engineer, got married, had children and was happy. Well, that’s the story anyway.


Tracey Engleman and her husband were enjoying French food at a dinner party with friends in their Maple Grove neighborhood when she took a phone call. The caller told her she had won a prestigious artist fellowship from the McKnight Foundation.


University of Minnesota student Sarah Abdon is doing her part to break stereotypes for women in the fields of math and science.


Gino Terrell is a recent graduate from Hamline University. He has made a mark through writing, especially through his award winning student publication, Pipers In-Depth.


We all have dreams and aspirations of becoming the best at what we do—Gannon Farrens shows that it’s never too early to start chasing those dreams, literally.


As a members of the Weaver Lake Conservation Association, Karson Frokjer and his wife Nicole regularly work many volunteer events around the lakes, but these last couple of years they have had an extra helping hand from their daughter, 5-year-old Olivia.


It’s January and that means many of us have made New Year’s resolutions to be healthier. However, sometimes it’s hard to stay on track. Rose Ryan, a librarian at the Maple Grove Library, recommends two great health-related books that may help you stay on track.


Alasan Ann is a sophomore at Maple Grove Senior High, but at 16 years of age, he has a lot more on his plate than your typical high-schooler.


Emily Shilson has scored a takedown. Her hard work has made her not only a star athlete but a star student as well.