January 2018 Maple Grove Magazine

In the January issue get to know a local dancer who has been lighting up the small screen on the hit tv show, So You Think You Can Dance.

With about 2,000 different cheeses worldwide, plenty of recipes include at least one kind, creating a strong flavor that differs depending, usually, on its age.


A award-winning playwright Marco Ramirez wrote The Royale, based on the journey of boxing legend Jack Johnson, who, in 1905 during the Jim Crow era, quickly became the most famous black man in the world.


The human body is a complex machine, and ensuring that it runs optimally is no easy task. Most of us can recite the basics of good self-care—drink lots of water, eat right, get enough sleep—but there are areas we all tend to neglect (or at least not think about as much).


Joshua Borchardt grew up near Weaver Lake, exploring old farmhouses and abandoned buildings on walks with his dad and dog. When trails were added nearby, he’d grab his bike, a fishing pole and a walkie-talkie to venture to farther, more interesting spots.


Dr. Umbreen Hasan’s life changed in October 2016 after she was involved in a terrible car accident on her way to a conference. “I was unconscious and had head injuries that I didn’t know about at the time,” Hasan says. “I had suffered a severe concussion.”


When the leaders of Minnesota’s most promising startups went looking for a place to put down roots, Maple Grove felt like home right away.


Sterling Taylor has always had the ability to talk people into anything. In fact, the gregarious 72-year-old retired veteran landed his current job as pool attendant at Life Time Fitness by convincing general manager Theresa Ohme to let him fill in for a few shifts.


A healthier environment for their employees is something the city of Maple Grove has been working on with HealthPartners since 2009.


Tiny Footprint Coffee is the world’s first carbon-negative coffee. Roasted in Brooklyn Center, Tiny Footprint was founded by five individuals who worked in the Minneapolis coffee scene for years.


The cold and frightful weather doesn’t slow this market down. The indoor market at the Maple Grove Community Center features over 20 local farmers and vendors on each market day.


Two Maple Grove Senior High graduates play at the college level. Having graduated in 2013, Jordan Gross played hockey for Notre Dame. Jake Wienke graduated just a year after Gross and went on to become the receiving football captain for South Dakota State University.


Last summer, Kiddiegarten found a home in a new location in Maple Grove, behind the Walmart supercenter.


Taylor Sieve graduated in the top ten percent of her class at Maple Grove Senior High in 2016 but didn’t spend much time at school because she practically lived at the dance studio.