July 2015 Maple Grove Magazine

In the July issue go onstage with guitarist Chuck Skajewski, learn how to cope with the loss of a beloved pet and check in with Paradise car wash where classic cars get the royal treatment.

Fast asleep in the mid-afternoon sun, these Labrador retriever puppies couldn’t be cozier or more content as baby Ella screams with joy. Lisa Willey, a Maple Grove resident since 2000, took advantage of a great summertime photo opportunity while spending a day visiting a family friend.


Dogs and their humans love to dine alfresco or visit drive-thru windows. Certain Maple Grove restaurants embrace the bond between pet owners and food or drink. Pet perks make eating out more fun. Here’s a “pup” close and personal look at dog-friendly dining and take out in Maple Grove.


Ruff Start Rescue hosted a day-long adoption event at the PetSmart of Maple Grove.


Celebrate seasonal style as the red carpet is rolled out for the fifth annual Maple Grove Senior Fashion Show. “I enjoy this event more and more each year,” says Brenda Krapfl of the Maple Grove parks and recreation department.


If you’re used to the car wash offered to you at the gas pump, you’ve probably never been to Paradise Car Wash & Detail Center. The Twin Cities company has seven full-service car wash locations in the metro area, and its newest opened in February in Maple Grove.


Pets are wonderful companions who love unconditionally. They don’t care what type of mood we are in, they are non-judgmental, and they are loyal until the end. It can be hard to understand the unfairness of their short lives compared to their human owners.


They’re the bursts of color that catch your eye as you go 60 miles per hour along Highway 94, and the intricate clusters of blooms you see protruding from stems along Maple Grove walking paths.


Maple Grove resident Thomas Sullivan is no ordinary writer. He is one of a special few who can say he is a USA Today best-selling author (for Case White) and Pulitzer Prize nominee (for The Phases of Harry Moon)—yet if you try to define his genre of writing, you might find yourself at a loss.


For dogs living on the streets, it is only natural to eat garbage, be riddled with diseases and never know the love of a veterinarian or owner. It’s a game of survival and one without hope.


As a teenager, Maple Grove resident Tony Cimperman played acoustic guitar until the day he discovered the percussive, satisfying “thump” of the electric bass.


Our four-legged furry friends are the main focus of this fundraiser for the whole family.


As the mercury rises and air-conditioning units work double-time, there is no better way to beat the heat than by taking a dip in one of Maple Grove’s public lakes. Even with sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, it’s easy to take for granted our local lakes.


The dog days of summer deliver a host of pest-related issues to our household companions. From the swarms of relentless mosquitoes to nuisance weeds or nagging black flies, it can be hard for dogs and cats to escape summertime itches.


Tom and Mary Nelson stayed in Maroma Beach, Mexico, during February, and enjoyed the February issue of Maple Grove Magazine. 

(Photo courtesy of Lunn Brink)


Committed to serving individuals and families in the Maple Grove area, CROSS Services has taken another step toward making hot meals more readily available to citizens in need.


Dog Lovers know how great the dog park is at Elm Creek Park Reserve, and it was inevitable that others would find out about it, too.


Known as a universal language, live music brings communities and visitors together—and Chuck Skajewski is no stranger to onstage entertainment.