June 2016 Maple Grove Magazine

In the June issue celebrate dad by giving him a new signature look for Father's Day, fill your basket with local flavor for a perfect picnic and meet a group of area teens that are bringing their love of the Hunger Games to life.

Every time she's near Weaver Lake Park, Mindy Gallagher is reminded of how grateful she is to live nearby. “We take a personal tone with the lake, we feel like it’s ours,” she says. When looking at Maple Grove houses five years ago, the Gallaghers found their current home.


Casual family dining in Maple Grove has bumped it up a notch with three new restaurants: Café Zupas, Naf Naf Grill and Panda Express.


Winter howled outside in January, but these families didn’t mind; they felt the heat of their imaginations at a winter beach party at Eastman Nature Center.


3 Squares Restaurant is a top craft beer bar in Maple Grove. Eighteen out of the 28 beers they offer on tap each week are brewed in Minnesota. And, because 3 Squares wants every beer to be served at the perfect temperature, they recently installed an entirely new delivery line and tap system.


Levi caught a flash of movement ahead to his right, followed by hushed voices, and immediately crouched behind a tree. Alerted, the team knelt in dense brush. He peered slowly around the trunk to gauge the timing of a possible attack.


Heidi Nelson has been successful at something we’d all probably like to achieve: a shorter commute. Nelson took over as Maple Grove city administrator in late 2015 and reduced her drive to work by half on most days.


When Maple Grove residents Jerry Powlas and Karen Larson set sail on Lake Superior in 1997, they didn’t just launch a boat, but also an idea that would change their lives.


Remember how fun picnic outings were as a kid? As adults, that excitement does not have to wane. We know that the planning is half the battle. That’s why we’ve started the work for you, filling your basket with delicious ideas from foodie shops around town.


On a Saturday morning in late spring, the energy in the University of St. Thomas’ new Anderson Student Center was high.


Sunny Arizona (pictured above)


The annual Maple Grove Farmers Market offers locally grown, fresh products and knowledgeable food vendors.


The women in the Vino 16 wine group have been meeting monthly for more than ten years, tasting wine and sharing life experiences. In recent years, the group decided to contribute a few dollars each month toward helping out families in need.


Last December, captain of patrol Dan Wills graduated from the FBI National Academy Program at Quantico, Virginia, a 10-week program known for its intense training in leadership, advanced communication and rigorous fitness.


Maple Grove Resident Adam Gallagher says he mainly focuses on documenting his life in photographs to reminisce down the road. Gallagher’s iPhone photo, Perfect Day to Fly a Kite, features his daughter Adelaene, now 9.


Dan and Joe Swintek grew up in a hunting family. They both have memories of their mother’s relatives getting together during hunting season when firearms were used. Dan remembers getting his first compound bow in middle school, and the brothers started archery as a side activity, just for fun.