June 2018 Maple Grove Magazine

In the June issue we're checking in with Caleb Truax on his way to becoming a boxing world champ.

Living in Maple Grove since 2008, Tracy Walsh captured this photograph when her husband, Ryan, and their son, Evan, were splashing water at each other on a hot summer day.


Decisions, decisions, decisions, where should one dine on delicious dishes? Get ready to enjoy Maple Grove’s newest locale, Brick & Bourbon.


After noticing that many young families visit the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes, the idea to create a fun program for guests during the summer months surfaced.


Caleb Truax pulls no punches on the secret to his boxing success. The 34-year-old Osseo native calls this his mantra—cut no corners. It’s one of the hashtags he uses on social media.


For years, Maple Grove has been home to a vibrant community of seniors making the most of their retired time. With baby boomers retiring at a rapid pace, activities designed with seniors in mind have taken center stage.


As director of the Suburban Hennepin and Carver County Workforce Area, he and his staff pair employers with job candidates. On some days, that includes planning job fairs, coaching or sharing resources with applicants.


The Maple Grove Farmers Market provides locally grown produce to the community, and a lot of talent is hidden behind each stand.


When attending a magic show, it’s hard not to find yourself forgetting where you are and getting wrapped up in the awe-inspiring tricks.


Maple Grove seniors participate in a fashion show providing attendees previews of fashion from local shops. Tony Repesh and Sheri Streachek participated in the 2017 show and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Summer is upon us, and what is there to do? Maple Grove public schools encourage a period of reading every school day, and it’s a great habit to continue throughout the non-school months.


A new opportunity for a sweet treat has come to the Maple Grove area. Wonders Ice Cream is open at The Fountains at Arbor Lakes.


Two Maple Grove music schools, Spark Music Studio and All Things Musik, bring their talent to the public—teaching local kid