March 2015

In the March issue of Maple Grove Magazine, you'll find tips for planning your wedding dinner, learn to identify some of spring's early visitors and meet one Maple Grove family powering their home with solar energy.

Lisa Willey of Lisa Marie Photography rarely photographs animals.


Trends toward better nutrition, gluten-free and low glycemic eating are apparent in the growing range of whole grain food choices now available.


January kicked off the first and second grade winter house league, where kids can learn the basics of hoop-shooting and game-play, as well as essential life skills such as sportsmanship and teamwork.


Shoppers and merchants at the indoor Farmers Market experience healthy nourishment, even during the colder months.


Before the doors open on March 12, hundreds of pottery pieces will have been arrayed on tables in the


It might drift in as a slow dawning awareness, or it could hit you with lightning clarity. Each spring, Maple Grove residents are delighted as migrating birds arrive in bunches.


The biggest day of your life also happens to be the biggest food day of your life. It’s unavoidable.


In March 2010, Maple Grove Magazine featured a story about the home of Rewati Teeparti and Srinivas Gazula, as they had just installed a geothermal heating and cooling system to c


Owning a small business leads to an intimate acquaintance with what it means to be dedicated to your work.


We’ll soon be able to stow away the snow blower and think about sharpening the lawn mower blades. That also means our homes may need some extra attention.


In 1889, Vincent Schuler came to Minneapolis from Austria and opened a little shoe repair shop called V. Schuler Boots & Shoes.


Approximately 3,630 pounds of school supplies were donated through CROSS Services


It’s happened again. For the second consecutive year, Inc. Magazine has ranked Maple Grove’s own Channel Partners among the fastest growing companies in America.


Heritage Christian Academy sixth graders Matthew Virginia and Cole Kopischke spent time last fall at our nation’s capital, taking part in the Peopl


Darby’s Dancers was born in 2014 because of a little girl’s p


Last spring, Food Dudes drivers made their debut


For year-round Irishman and self-proclaimed purist John Farrell III of Haskell’s Maple Grove, tradition is spelled with a capital G and tastes a wee bit like scalded coffee.