May 2014

In the May issue of Maple Grove Magazine, you'll find expert tips for brewing the perfect cuppa Joe, take a peek at local gardner Jennifer Ebeling's masterpiece of self-expression and learn about the tornado that destroyed Maple Grove almost 75 years ago.

Looking for something to spice up your dinner? Brother’s Meats and Seafood can add flair to your meal.
Each year the Maple Grove photo contest elicits images of our community.
Whoever said homecoming has to last just one weekend in autumn? For one group of Osseo Area School District educators, this school year has been one big homecoming celebration.
How many of us have an undercover desire to publish a novel?

The introduction of two new SMART Tables at Basswood Elementary School will make learning much more entertaining and interactive for students.


Byerly's in Maple Grove has installed the NuVal System on 15,000 products throughout the store on visible shelf tags, allowing shoppers the ability to compare the nutritional values of similar items.


At the Maple Grove branch of U.S. Bank, Tammy Lawler, customer service manager, opts to use the paid time off for volunteering that U.S.


A brand new school building will open its doors this summer in Maple Grove. Ave Maria Academy, a Catholic school with a history of more than two decades, is constructing a new campus off of Bass Lake Road after renting another space in the area for 17 years.


The hunts may be over, but the fun of eggs rages on. After the scrumptious chocolaty goodness of an Easter egg, the chicken laid sort may just be eggsactly what you need this May.

Eric Adolphson makes latte coffee art at the Daily Dose in Maple Grove.
Americans consume a lot of coffee and tea: Per person, we drink about three cups of coffee a day (that’s almost 70 gallons a year!) and about 155 cups of tea a year.
You may have heard about the big twister of ’39 that took a ¼ mile-wide swath out of Anoka and Champlain, but few people know that the same tornado tore through Maple Grove, leaving d

Jennifer Ebeling’s Maple Grove deck is as lush as the undergrowth of a Minnesota forest—not only with flowers, but with food. The master gardener simply walks a few feet from her kitchen to her deck door to gather the ingredients she needs for dinner.