November 2015 Maple Grove Magazine

In the November issue catch up with Mayor Mark Steffenson, learn about Matt Cici's many roles in the film world and meet 15 Maple Grove women whose gatherings have turned into more than just a book club.

While Mark A. Schaffer has used both film and digital photography techniques, he prefers the latter. For this photo, Schaffer was able to use his Nikon D90—an “old model by today’s standards,” he says—along with a 50 millimeter lens with exposure for highlights.


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, food is on everyone’s mind this month. Now that we’re smack in the middle of fall, with winter howling at our coattails, we’re all in the mood for something warm.


Monthly wine tastings at Haskell’s Superstore draw friends and family to savor the zest of zinfandel or try something new.


Christmas comes early for the Maple Grove theatre scene. This holiday season, audiences will be treated to another year of A Hunting Shack Christmas, the smash-hit comedy from Yellow Tree Theatre.


When Andrew Walker signed up for the Minnesota Air National Guard in 2006, he could not have imagined what lay ahead.


They’ve turned the page on early life and know how to have fun. It’s Thursday night. They drink wine together. They read together. They venture into new experiences together, but mostly, they share their lives.


Matt Cici, a former Maple Grove resident, made his screen acting debut earlier this year in a new film called The Center. You might remember Maple Grove Magazine’s coverage of Cici in 2011, when he was working on finding a distributor for his first film, Lambent Fuse.


The holidays can throw an entirely new spin on the act of imbibing. So, we asked mixology specialist Jeff Dull to take the season into account and toss some inspiration our way.


In late 2007, things were on the up and up for Maple Grove area chef Kurt Stiles. He’d just left his position in product development at Caribou Coffee to start his own business in the growing area of gluten- and allergen-free food.


Drones have been in the news for years. They are an integral element of modern warfare and are now being used for everything from agriculture to aerial footage in filmmaking, search and rescue missions to humanitarian aid.


Nothing exemplifies the spirit of the holiday season quite like giving back.


Sara Nadian has been writing since she was in kindergarten. Now, the Maple Grove Junior High seventh grader, who attended Rush Creek Elementary, is being honored for her written work.


Stu Nankin wears many hats. Known as a music producer, arranger, electric bassist, mastering engineer and all around music wiz in the Twin Cities area, he is seemingly always busy with a new development.


Every year, starry-eyed children and Christmastime fans line the streets for Maple Grove’s annual Sleigh Bell and Sparkle Parade. The event is sponsored by the Maple Grove Community Organization and is a beloved tradition in the area.


St. Vincent de Paul might not be the biggest parish in Minnesota, but they sure throw one massive Christmas bazaar. This year, the event will include more than 90 craft makers from across the Midwest who hope to showcase their work.


Much like the classic Holidazzle parade that trumpeted through downtown Minneapolis for years, Osseo’s MiniDazzle brings family and friends together for an evening of holiday cheer.


Name Mark Steffenson

Hometown Maple Grove

Occupation Mayor of Maple Grove, attorney

He cherishes his family. “When I’m not working, I love to spend time with them.”