November/December 2021

“The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each other’s burdens, easing others’ loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of the holidays.” —W.C. Jones, a former U.S. Representative

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appreciate that as the season’s change so, too, do our appetites and cravings for what appears on our dinnerware or even in cookie jars! One of the themes of this issue is food—apropos as we move into the holidays and all they entail on the eating end of things.

Arbor Lakes Christmas

Arbor Lakes Christmas placed first in the Activities and Events category of our annual Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

Thai-Style Red Curry with Turkey and Green Beans

Somewhere, someone in your family or friend circle (or maybe it’s you!) is planning this year’s Thanksgiving meal.

Another Miracle on Christmas Lake

When there’s lutefisk, true love and tater tots, how can a show be nothing but a hit?

Tanya Denny

The holiday season is back on in full force, and many home cooks are gearing up to serve Thanksgiving and December holiday meals that will put the exclamation point on “Dinner is served!”

Maureen Reagan

Can a cake make a difference? Can a concoction of batter meets frosting cure what ails?

Baking It Real cookies

Sweet memories were a primary ingredient for Sarah Lofgren’s business, Baking It Real, a cookie kit design company.

Senior Communities Guide

Julie Hamilton turned her 25 years of web development experience toward a new project—creating a comprehensive online guide of senior communities in Minnesota.

Brian Cunningham, M.D.

For the past five to 10 years, surgeons and practitioners across TRIA Orthopedics have explored the promising new field of orthobiologics, a treatment derived from tissue that’s injected into an affected area with the goals of restoring function

Puerto Rican coconut eggnog

How about treating holiday guests to a new twist on traditional eggnog? Consider Maple Grove’s Pamela Mercado Michelli’s recipe for Puerto Rican coconut eggnog.


Some of my best memories around this time of year are the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen, particularly warm cookies and pies. 


The incubation period to hatch a turkey egg is 28 days.

Turkey eggs are tan with brown specks and are larger than chicken eggs.

A baby turkey is called a poult.


Wine and the holidays go hand in hand.  When hosting, a great pairing can make a meal so much better. Wine makes the dish taste better, and great food makes wine taste amazing.

Pamela Mercado, Daniela y Mateo Viajan a Puerto Rico

Pamela Mercado Michelli’s daughter, Daniela, 5, loves to read. “I always took my daughter to storytime at the … Maple Grove Public Library,” Michelli says.