Jodi Rankin’s Fun2Raise in Maple Grove

A Maple Grove mom solves challenges for the rest of us with her fundraising activities.
"What we do is let the kids be kids, parents be parents and the professionals raise the funds." - Jodi Rankin, Fun2Raise founder

Maple Grove moms are at the forefront of their children’s education. They know what works at the homework table after school, they know what their kids are learning and they know when their kid’s school needs support. What moms may not know is that another Maple Grove mom has recently made their kid’s education a lot easier. Meet Jodi Rankin.

Rankin has the strong belief that kids should be allowed to be kids and not be pressed to raise money for their school. She started a new organization that raises funds and gifts it to schools. Fun2Raise creates custom products for schools and sports organizations (and private schools), like their school calendars, directories, conference folders or a customized piece for an event—things people already use. They’ve given back $100,000 to the community in the last year alone. “Schools can take the money we give them and build a wetland, get ipads, new books, supplies or whatever they need,” says Natalie King, graphic designer at Fun2Raise.

“The thing that people find intriguing about Fun2Raise is that we are a completely free resource to their school or organization community,” Rankin explains. “The only check that is written is from our organization to theirs.”

Basswood, Weaver Lake, Rush Creek and Fernbrook Elementary Schools are a few of the recipients of a check from Rankin’s organization. Osseo Maple Grove Hockey Association has also worked with Fun2Raise to make hockey more affordable. The organization has been successful at helping groups make an idea into a reality and at “asking local businesses to take advantage of being able to sponsor sports teams and opportunities to grow their business within a school community for the benefit of the organization”.

Rankin spent time in marketing and as head of her local PTA, so she has intimate knowledge of what goes on in educational funding discussions. As a parent she also knew that fundraising was a less-than-favorite activity of parents with school-aged children. Instead of imagining a better thing to sell for a higher price point, she took the principal participants out of the equation completely. Her out-of-the box thinking is a refreshing change for area families and one that should rightfully win her a community award. So, now that the weight of funding the “extras” for many kids is on her shoulders instead of ours, how does she balance a family life? 

“What I have learned through this process is that I need to prioritize, prioritize, prioritize,” Rankin says. “My family of course takes priority, I don't want to miss a thing with my two children and my husband, but starting a company from scratch, definitely is demanding of my time. I wouldn't trade a thing at this point.”

Rankin says she’s become a pretty good juggler. She has a lot of balls in the air on the behalf of others but says “the look on their face when we hand them a check is what it's all about!” Jodi Rankin has made many a Maple Grove parent’s life simpler with her brand of unique problem-solving.//


Would your business like to sponsor a team or become a part of a school community?  Would your school like to raise funds for a special project?
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