Listen and Drink

Relax and kick back with a glass of vino and a tune.

LISTEN Chastity Brown, “Colorado”: With a blend of folk, country and soul, “Colorado” is a song that is easy to listen to and that will be a staple on your playlist. Several publications have named Chastity Brown a songwriter to watch, and she was featured on the UK television show Later…With Jools Holland. Take some time to check out Chastity Brown in a local club before she starts selling out larger venues. —Nick Tucker // Available at

Nick Tucker is a drum and piano instructor, and owner of Spark Music Studio.

DRINK Domaine de Saint Antoine Rosé 2010: This rosé comes from the eastern portion of the Languedoc region of France. It is a touch older than most rosé, but the wonderful fruit in the nose proves that these wines can be aged. Made mostly with grenache and syrah grapes, this wine would pair wonderfully with smoked fish during a weekend of watching the leaves on the North Shore. —John Farrell III // Available for $10 at Haskell’s.

John Farrell III is vice president of sales and merchandising at Haskell’s, and a regular contributor of Maple Grove Magazine.