August 2012

Prep Sports 2012 | Education

In the summer of 2011, John Stencel knew something wasn’t right. He was unable to eat as he normally would and lost an alarming 55 lbs. for no apparent reason. Over the next few months, the Maple Grove resident would undergo continuous medical exams, determined to find answers.


Sisters, Ashlynn and Bailey Smith were on the deck above the beach overlooking Weaver Lake Park when Tracey Kolbrek recognized a precious moment.


It’s probably true that most kids, when dining out in a restaurant, will go with the burger, the chicken fingers and the plain macaroni and cheese. Stephanie Shimp, partner at 3 Squares, sees this frequently in her restaurant.


“We love being there for the 'light bulb moments.'”


If Derek Stendahl has his way, golf will no longer be just for stereotypical “golfers.”


There are no zombies in this book, just overly friendly neighbors who want to cough and sneeze their deadly virus into your face. The unknown but killer outbreak causes the island where Kaelyn lives to be placed under military quarantine.


Anthony Nunn’s “million-dollar smile” was undervalued upon news he was playing in the NBA All-Star weekend festivities.


Don’t wait until Friday to kick back and relax. Join the hundreds making it a tradition to head out every Thursday in the summer for free live music and outdoor shopping during the Summer Faire Concert Series at The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove.


Whether it’s the usual mother-daughter retail excursions to boutiques or a day at the farmer's market, Donna Rongstad and Gina Hoben love shopping together.


Lee Kreklow will gladly push play to hear the 2-year-old message on his home answering machine. It’s from John Barker of Maple Grove on December 21, 2009—the day Barker began to change Kreklow’s life.

“One old message,” says the ubiquitous robotic prelude.


There really is nothing quite like the taste of a juicy, vine-ripened summer tomato, the milky texture of savory sweet corn drizzled with butter and perfectly accentuated with a dash of salt, the starchy goodness of a potato, or the scrumptious strawberry with all of its pinkish-red-dainty-seeded


Girls rule this year’s Prep Elite section and each one of these five young ladies is lively, engaging, smart and interesting.