March 2012

Dessert Drinks | Homes

Six members of a Maple Grove’s Rince Nua Irish Dance team will show off their moves on the very land their craft was founded.


Kevin Meaney will headline a fundraiser of comedic proportions March 9 to help ensure the Maple Grove Arts Center can keep people laughing.


Standing at the start line of the 2011 Maple Grove Triathlon can mean of whirlwind of excitement for racers, but that certainly applies to spectators too. “It can be a sensory overload,” Nils Nilsen says


Have you fallen into a rut when it comes to what you eat over the lunch hour? By default, do you simply head to the spot that’s nearest the office for a midday meal on the fly? If that’s you, then you’re missing out on some delicious possibilities.


Rob and Amie Weaver received one of life’s greatest gifts in December: the birth of their first child, James. That paramount experience at Maple Grove Hospital, Rob says, was enhanced as they ate “probably the best meal ever at a hospital.”


Three years ago, Jeremiah Joseph was an 11-year-old autistic Maple Grove boy who was often sick despite nine daily medications. Now at 14, Joseph is consuming less than half the pills and rarely misses a day of school.


Leonard Willenbring had a hard time getting his wife to the dance floor. Judy was sure that square dancing was for squares. But by the third lesson, she was hooked, and the Willenbrings have been following a caller’s lead every week for 20 years.


Jarrod Peterson has won the title before, but it doesn't get old. Last November, he was named a Super Real Estate Agent for the fifth year in a row.


Nix the green, fizzy beer this St. Patrick’s Day and order a pint of something that tastes great and actually has roots in the emerald isle. Hailing from Dublin, the Irish dry stout is too often mislabeled as heavy, thick, and highly alcoholic. It’s none of these things.


Maple Grove, meet Tutti Frutti. Owner Kelly Gaspar opened this cute frozen yogurt shop last September, so you can satisfy a sweet tooth without breaking your diet.


When most people say they just “put two and two together,” it usually means something along the lines of solving a tricky crossword clue. For Kathryn Reget, the saying applied to something bigger.


By selling window decals for $5 a pop, the late Terry Gallagher had devised a workmanlike way to create a college scholarship fund for two deserving players from the Osseo Maple Grove Hockey Association.


Hunger is a problem people face every day—even those in our own community.


An after-dinner drink is a nice way to wind down after a meal, but deciding on the right one to order can be a downright brain-teaser. That’s where the established bartender comes in.


When Mike Hillesheim first got into the home building business back in the late 1980s, golden oak was king, every room was wallpapered, and mauve and seafoam green were the colors du jour.


Maple Groveans with a sweet tooth are about to luck out.