May 2013

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Retired from quality assurance at Delta Airlines, Tom Prussner wasn’t born a photographer. In fact, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that he even invested in a camera.


Restaurants that cater to seafood aficionados can be hard to find, and traveling to downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul destinations can be expensive.


Hairball the kitten is crazy, playful and loves people. With hair poking out of his ears like an old man, he was the perfect cat for her family, says Carrie Smith of Otsego.


My husband Nate makes a mean chocolate chip cookie. They are big and gooey and full of things he’s added over the years through trial and error. I only regret that he sometimes makes them when there is no milk in the house.


When I turned 16 in Maple Grove, I turned up my nose at any kind of transportation but a car. Man, did this pretentious teen miss out.


Cats have been slinking around since ancient Egyptian times, and they are more popular than ever. Last year, Walker Art Center hosted an Internet cat video festival that drew 10,000 people from all over the world. Japanese companies have found that watching cat videos increases productivity.


Many of the homes in Maple Grove were built in the 1980s, and their interiors reflect the trends of that era. After three years in one such home, the Lee family decided it was time for a contemporary makeover. They hired Priorities Defined for a basic kitchen remodel.


Maple Grove Dunn Brothers Coffee owners Jeff and Vicki Zierden recently returned from a trip to Guatemala. Each year, Dunn Brothers coordinates a trip for its storeowners to various locales that are the sources of coffee served to U.S. customers each day.


Maple Grove resident Myla Meier is a beekeeper and proprietor of Sweet Bee Honey and Crafts. Meier’s business benefits the environment, provides supplemental income to her family and supplies her customers with exceptional hand-made products.


Toni Beckler, assistant principal of Woodland Elementary School, oversees nearly a thousand students ages 4 to 12. Describing herself as “passionate,” Beckler says she laughs and cries with students and teachers every day. “There isn’t a day I think I could be doing anything better,” she says.


Henry Lange, of Henry’s Café, serves a wide array of American diner-style fare. But the clubhouse sandwich is the local favorite at this small, nestled-into-the-corner eatery.


The stats are in, and the dogs are outnumbered! Despite the fact that there are more than 86 million pet cats, felines have far fewer wellness visits to the vet than dogs. A cat-friendly practice is striving to change that.


1. Hedges CMS ($11.99)


For Bridgeport Tusler, a senior at Osseo Senior High School, a good leader doesn’t put himself on a pedestal; it’s about having chemistry with the team.