Maple Grove is Home to the First Pet Dermatology Clinic in the Area

The dog days of summer deliver a host of pest-related issues to our household companions. From the swarms of relentless mosquitoes to nuisance weeds or nagging black flies, it can be hard for dogs and cats to escape summertime itches. Pet Dermatology Clinic, now in its second year of helping Maple Grove area pets, commonly deals with dogs and cats that have allergic reactions to bugs such as biting flies.

However, according to Melissa Eisenschenk, head veterinarian at Pet Dermatology Clinic, pets are actually naturally good at defending against flying pests or itch-causing plants. “Bugs are less of a problem for most pets comparatively to humans,” Eisenschenk says, noting the reliability of fur as a primary line of defense. “Our most common itch and insect-related cases deal with the ears, belly and other areas where pet hair is short and thin.”

Less obvious irritants, such as poison ivy, rarely affect pets, whereas their human counterparts aren’t as lucky. “Poison ivy resin is commonly transported by pets through their fur,” Eisenschenk says, “and, unfortunately, whoever ends up touching the animal next commonly develops the irritating rash.”

As the only veterinary dermatology clinic in the Maple Grove area, Pet Dermatology Clinic of Maple Grove is anticipating a busy second year of keeping pets itch-free. To better protect your pet, Eisenschenk recommends using a pet-safe insect repellant in addition to flea and tick prevention kits, which can be found at any veterinary clinic.

Pet Dermatology Clinic offers services like cleaning and treatment for ears, allergy skin testing, treatment for hair loss and more to keep your companion’s tail wagging throughout the summer.