Maple Grove Resident Jennifer Ebeling Starts a Gardening Podcast

A Maple Grove resident launches a gardening podcast.
Blogger Jennifer Ebeling in her uber-organized home office.

Home décor, organization and gardening have always been hobbies for Jennifer Ebeling. Her website,, showcases these interests in a fun and accessible way. Ebeling has now embarked on a new project: creating a podcast, similar to a radio show, entitled “Still Growing…” After discovering the world of podcasts, she was disappointed to learn there were very few shows featuring gardening. These podcasts were also short in duration and slim on content, so Ebeling decided to solve the problem and create her own show.
“Still Growing…” has become her “main passion” and combines her charismatic personality with her love of gardening. Every show features a different guest: authors of cookbooks and other titles, curators of botanical gardens, and other avid gardeners from across the nation discussing their practices. “This wasn’t going to be a standard show. I take the guests way back, as gardening is a very tactile, healing experience,” Ebeling says. “Most gardeners have many early memories of why they are interested in this as a hobby.”
Maple Grove is a nurturing community for Ebeling’s blog and podcast, as well as for gardening in general. This year’s Maple Grove Garden Tour, which Ebeling co-chaired, had 1,000 attendees—making it clear that she shares her passion with many others in the area. In fact, she hopes to revive the Maple Grove Garden Club in 2014. “There is a real longing for connection over this particular hobby and it brings whole neighborhoods together,” Ebeling says.