Maple Grove Restaurants Offer a Wide Variety of Steak Entrées

Eight Maple Grove eateries offer superb steaks to satisfy any beef craving.
At Maple Tavern, the succulent 8 oz. herb-marinated top sirloin is finished with a rich house herb butter.

Nothing satisfies the palate like a great cut of steak. It’s versatile enough to be paired with a rich red merlot or slathered in tangy southwestern ranch. Whether it’s home-style cooking, fine dining, or a casual backyard cookout appeal you’re looking for, these area restaurants have you covered when that hankering arises for a delectable cut of beef.

16 oz. Dry-Aged Bone-In New York Strip

The lighting, the steak, the wine; sometimes you just want the whole works. For those occasions, indulging in a steak dinner at Redstone will surpass your requirement for fine dining. Executive chef Kevin Pazandak recommends the bone-In New York strip, hand-trimmed and aged 28 days for an ultra-tender, extra-beefy flavored loin. With the earthiness and rich berry notes of their Willamette Valley Siduri, a well-balanced pinot noir will add the perfect touch to your meal. Just make sure you get a spot near the fireplace to revel in the splendor of it all. $39.

Teriyaki Sirloin

According to chef Nate Ottum, perfecting an entrée is the best way to get guests requesting it time and time again. “There are certain restaurants that do certain things really well. We make sure our teriyaki sirloin is the best in town,” Ottum says. A hands-down favorite at Malone’s, the sirloin is marinated a full 24 hours in a house-made soy sauce, garlic and brown sugar blend. After fire-grilling to seal in the savory-sweet teriyaki flavor, expert chefs are careful to let the meat rest a crucial two minutes to allow the juices to release at first slice. Add Malone’s steaming baked potato, loaded high with fresh shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, butter, bacon bits and green onion. $17.95.

Jack Daniel’s New York Strip

TGI Friday’s
Sauce is boss. The mark of a good steak may be measured by its succulent flavor in lieu of steak sauce, but never underestimate what a glaze can do to enhance the flavor of an already tender and juicy cut. To mix up your usual steak routine, saunter into TGI Friday’s for the Jack Daniel’s New York strip, seasoned just right with a hickory sea salt to unleash the Jack Daniel’s flavor. The slightly marbled meat, tender and perfectly paired with a signature sweet and tangy glaze, will surprise your taste buds, making you seriously second-guess your requirement for a sauce-free steak. $22.40.

Steak and Pierogies

Three Squares Restaurant
While nothing satisfies like a good ol’ steak-and-baked potato combination, Three Squares will tempt you with its spin on a classic steak dinner. The entrée features two 4 oz. tender cuts marinated in a house spice with Szechuan sauce, topped with deep fried, crispy onions and served with horseradish sauce. If you’ve never had a traditional Polish pierogi, sampling these savory potato-and-cheddar filled dumplings is a must. One bite into these warm half-moon crescents, crisped up nicely on the grill, and you’ll be asking for seconds. The combination with the steak is sure to hit the (comfort food) spot. “I’m happy this is our steak dish we provide here because it is unique,” manager Jay Ostendorf says. “Once somebody tries [it], they fall in love.” $16.95.

Steak & Fries

Maple Tavern
You can hardly go wrong when taking a classic French approach to cuisine. Maple Tavern serves its version of steak-frites with a succulent 8 oz. herb-marinated top sirloin best prepared medium to medium rare, finished with a rich house herb butter. Accompanied by a side of hot, crispy fries seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic truffle and a salad of fresh greens lightly tossed in a lemon vinaigrette, nothing could be more satisfying. Well, except the perfect complementary dark beer, particularly an Omni IPA brewed just a few blocks from the tavern. $15.99.


Dehn’s Country Manor
Where better to enjoy a delectable slice of beef than on the farm? Dehn’s is a guaranteed locale for a hearty meal and warm atmosphere. If you’re a duo dining out, opt for their signature Chateaubriand, a 22-oz. filet mignon, to share. This well-marbled tenderloin is topped with a sauté of garlic and fresh, plump cremini mushrooms. Enjoy this steak nestled up to a helping of Idaho russet hash brown potatoes, cooked to a buttery golden crisp. General manager Mike Dehn says guests regularly prove their loyalty for the family-owned restaurant by returning time and again over its 58 years. “It’s just a blessing for us to have this lengthy patronage from folks,” Dehn says. Served with two salads, two potatoes and two glasses of house wine. $39.95.

Steak Bites

The Lookout Bar and Grill
Sometimes you just crave steak without the fancy accoutrements. For a delicious take on beef without any of the frills, try The Lookout’s steak bites. Choice hand-trimmed sirloin cubes, sautéed on the grill with mushrooms, onions, seasoning, and butter, are topped with fresh blue cheese crumbles and deep-fried onion strings and plated with a side of fresh house-made parmesan peppercorn ranch. Grab a fork, and you’re ready to indulge. Mike Kinnan, owner and general manager, prides his family-owned restaurant on its fresh ingredients and made-from-scratch recipes for every meal they serve. “There’s nothing chain about us and that’s what we want to be known for,” he says. $10.

Center Cut Choice Filet

Granite City
At Granite City, the charbroiled 8-oz. center cut choice filet, seasoned just right with garlic and onion, is perfect on its own, or with a little extra flair. Request portebella mushrooms ($1.95), caramelized onions ($1.95) or Oscar-style topped with jumbo lump crab in a rich egg-and-butter hollandaise ($5.95). Served with a side of fresh green beans sprinkled with crunchy almonds and creamy ranch redskin potatoes. $32.95. 

(The 16 oz. dry-aged bone-in New York strip at Redstone is aged for 28 days for an ultra tender steak.)