Maple Grove Writing Club Writes Together

Monthly sessions nurture the foundations of creative writing.

Good writing doesn’t come naturally; it must be practiced, like playing an instrument or participating in athletics. The only difference is that the workout uses a pen and paper and, arguably the most important “muscle” in the body—the brain.

The techniques used at Heart and Soul Writing Together, Maple Grove’s newest writer’s group, consist of a rather straightforward approach during monthly sessions. “By actually free writing in class, we learn new skills and techniques together and can learn from one another,” says Genny Kieley of the organization that began in September of 2014.

Heart and Soul’s method of collaborative group learning is founded upon teaching writers to be disciplined, accountable and motivated in their craft. “As a result,” Kieley concludes, “we can inspire and encourage one another to become better writers.”

Heart and Soul Writing Together meets from 1 to 3:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of every month at the Maple Grove Arts Center and welcomes participants of all writing skill levels. To learn more, visit Kieley’s blog at