Maple Tavern’s Best Food and Drinks For the Weekend

Saturdays and Sundays feature prime rib dinners and plenty of breakfast options.
Chef Jason Littlefield serving up the prime rib dinner at Maple Tavern

The Maple Tavern might just be the newest hot spot for weekend specials. On Saturdays and Sundays, they feature prime rib dinners in the evenings. On Sunday mornings, Maple Tavern also offers a large brunch menu of tasty dishes including pancakes, a breakfast burrito and a veggie bowl.

The prime rib dinners are unlike traditional fatty, country club-style prime ribs, because of their unique preparation. Chef Jason Littlefield says they smoke the rib, slow roast it, chill it down and then wrap it like a rib eye. He then finishes the outside of the meat by charring it.

“You can have a well-done or rare piece from the same cut. It’s more choice for the customer,” Littlefield says. The prime rib is then served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. $20.99.