Photo Contest Winner Captures Son at Sunset at Town Green

This is Lucas, the 6-year-old son of Maple Grove resident Christa Adamczyk. She captured this precious moment, making time stand still for just a little longer. Lucas and Natalie, age 3, have been the primary subjects for stay-at-home mother Adamczyk’s pictures.

While she has used a DSLR camera for the past six years, on this night she caught the endearing shot of her son interacting with ducks at Town Green with her iPhone 6. “I have so many memories of him as a toddler begging to go see the ducks every night…seeing him that night just made me remember those days and I wanted to capture it,” she says.

Adamczyk used no special effects for this photo but just allowed the sunset to contribute a natural shimmering element to the water as well as a light which creates a defining silhouette around Lucas.

Visiting Town Green has always been a favorite summer pastime for Adamczyk and her family. It is a place that has fostered many memorable moments throughout the years. “It [the photo] reminds me of those nightly walks with my sweet baby boy that don’t seem very long ago,” Adamczyk says.

This shot won 3rd place in the City Landmarks category in the 2016 Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.