Podcast Recommendations: 'LifeAfter' and 'The Message' Are Reviving the Radio Drama

A pair of white headphones rest on a laptop.
With the advent of the podcast era, the revival of the audio drama is in full swing. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Podcast: LifeAfter/The Message
Avg. Episode Length: ~20min
Genre: Audio Drama
Content Warnings: Older themes/topics

It’s worth noting that what I’m most thankful for in this podcast era is the revival of audio drama. Under the iTunes Modern Radio Drama collection alone, you’ll find over 70 suggestions, ranging from classic sounds to fully acted and soundscaped adventures. Some are long, continuing for hundreds of episodes; some are sponsored by big name companies like Marvel or Sonos. Others are so popular, they’ve spun off into TV shows, like Homecoming.

The ones I’ve mentioned above are two of my favorites. They’re not too scary, deal with big mysteries set in modern times and are well acted and sound-scaped. The seasons aren’t long, and the episodes are a manageable time. There are dozens more stories—some of which I’ll cover in future columns. Stay tuned, listeners.