Read, Drink, Listen: July 2016


Number Eleven: A Love Story in 1960’s Bombay by Zia McNeal Keeping a promise to his mother, Amir visits India from his adopted home of Milwaukee to meet ten eligible women in his search for a wife. Nazeera is a surprising addition to the list. This a great summer read by a Maple Grove author. —Cyd Haynes
Available at Barnes & Noble or on the Archway Publishing website.

Cyd Haynes is editor of Maple Grove Magazine and an obsessive reader.


Napa Cellars Chardonnay Chardonnay can be big and buttery or light and fruity. Why not choose one that fits in the middle? Napa Cellars Chardonnay is very approachable and has hints of fruit, hints of dry and hints of butter. It’s styled more like a Burgundy than a big California Chard but very good. It goes well with roasted chicken, grilled veggies or on its own (around $14). —John Farrell
Available at Haskell’s

John Farrell III is vice president of sales and merchandising at Haskell’s and a regular contributor to Maple Grove Magazine.


Greycoats, “The Decider” This is a beautiful piece of songwriting filled with inventive sounds and a catchy hook. This song is off the Greycoats’ third full length album, Adrift, released in November 2015, and has received high praise from both fans and reviewers. You might have heard their music on Orange Is the New Black, Gossip Girl, and other series. —Nick Tucker
Available at,,, and other music outlets.

Nick Tucker is a drum and piano instructor and owner of Spark Music Studio in Maple Grove.