Ruby Miller: Steppin’ Up

A local teen dances to her future.
Ghillie Girl: Ruby Miller, 15, practices 8-10 hours a week, perfecting her Irish dancing.

Ruby Miller, 15, has been Irish dancing for eight years, and her love for the sport continues to grow. She began her journey with an assortment of dance styles at Rince Nua Irish Dance Studio, owned by Erin Cooney, who holds an Oide Damhsa Cumann Rince Naisiunta (ODCRN) teacher training certification from Cumann Rince Naisiunta (CRN),
the National Dance Association of Ireland.

Ruby found herself listening to the Irish music coming from the room next door while taking classes in ballet, jazz and tap—at times sneaking a peek, too. After being drawn to the overall atmosphere of Irish dance, Ruby eagerly enrolled the following semester, leaving the other classes behind, and the rest has been history.
This year Ruby participated in the Irish Open Championship in May and the World Open Championships in June—both hosted in Ireland. Practicing an average of eight to ten hours per week, competing is something Ruby has grown to love. She enjoys the camaraderie with fellow dancers and pushing herself to be better than her last dance. “When I’m on stage, it feels like I’m flying,” Ruby says. “Sometimes I don’t even notice my feet touch the ground.”

Ruby is a teacher’s assistant at Rince Nua Irish Dance Studio, teaching dancers ages seven to nine. She is a sophomore at Maple Grove Senior High and participates in the Speech and Debate Team, plays the violin in the school orchestra and is in Girl Scouts.