Samantha Eyre Photographs Wind Turbine at Dusk

Light and shadow take center stage in winning photo.

“I always look for things,” Samantha Eyre explains of her photographic eye. “I don’t always have my camera, but I like to look for things everywhere I go.”

Born and raised in Maple Grove, Eyre has always been interested in photography, capturing varied subject matter including senior photos, 3-year-olds and nature photos. She studied graphic design and has carried her passion far beyond the classroom.

Eyre knew she wanted to strive for the City Landmarks category in this year’s photo contest, so she kept an extra eye out for opportunities.

One day after work, she made her way to the Great River Energy building, across from Arbor Lakes, just as the sun was setting. The sole location in Maple Grove with a wind turbine, it was here that Eyre decided to take a variety of photos. She initially aimed her camera at the front of the wind turbine, but in experimenting with different angles, ended up behind the sun-silhouetted structure. It was here in the light and shadow of dusk that she captured her photo, “Gusty Grove,” which claimed first place in the City Landmarks category.

What I hope will be true in 2025... is that Maple Grove stays as beautiful as it is now.” —Samantha Eyre