Senior September at the Farmer's Market

The Farmers Market has some extras in store for seniors.

The Maple Grove Farmers Market dedicates the month of September to its loyal senior citizen shoppers. The month’s event includes gift basket drawings, prize giveaways and cooking demonstrations from the chefs at assisted living community Silvercreek on Main, a sponsor of the event.

Many of the senior shoppers are year-round customers and appreciate the variety of items and organic flavors offered. Karen Jaeger, a senior farmers market shopper and city councilwoman, and her husband Henry, have consistently enjoyed shopping at the market for more than 11 years. “The Maple Grove farmers market has been the best out of all the ones I’ve been to because the products are strictly, organically grown with everything from the flowers and hummus, to the hand-made soap,” says Jaeger. The Jaegers have attended past Senior September events and look forward to going again this year, as it is a time not only to buy their favorite fresh foods but also to catch up with friends and enjoy the community.

September is the last month that the Farmers’ Market is held outside. Beginning in October, you’ll find it on Thursdays inside the Community Center.