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happy birthday lawn signs

Many Minnesotans love anything on a stick (à la the Minnesota State Fair food extravaganza), so why shouldn’t celebration proclamations get the same treatment?

Dog wearing rainbow bandana from Loon & Beau’s Pride line

We’re not the only ones who could use a springtime fashion glow up.

Owl perched in tree branches.

We’re pleased to greet 2021 with a fresh round of photos from our annual Focus on Maple Grove photo contest, which was held in August. To start off, Rod Smoliak’s Eagle Lake Great Horned Owl, placed second in our Wildlife and Nature category.

Kira Vanderlan’s passion for design has been a constant throughout her life. Even before she started her organization and interior design business, Zestful Design, Vanderlan helped declutter and reorganize the homes of friends and family.

Microblogger Nicole Pierson and her family.

Nicole Pierson of Begin At Home shares tips for finding the best gifts for your family and friends.

A wrapped Christmas present sits near a string of lights

It’s the perfect time to give back to the community alongside your children and remind them of what matters most.

A family enjoys some strawberries during holiday travel.

When prepping for holiday travel, remember the emergency kit for your car.

Gifts from Minnesota makers at Fox Run.

This holiday season, Fox Run is focusing on a Handmade Christmas.

Masks from the Rotary Club of Maple Grove for Minnesota health care workers.

The Rotary Club of Maple Grove has created change worldwide. But when the coronavirus pandemic hit, the organization decided to focus its resources inward.

Brian and Jacobey Johnson at the Golden Gate Bridge during their Bike for Purpose fundraiser.

A father and son turn their love for cycling into a 500 mile fundraiser.

Three people at a sleepover.

Maple Grove resident Melissa Swoverland and her daughter Madi have hosted sleepovers for three years benefiting Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners.