"Sister Swim” Photograph Takes 2nd Place in People Category

Girls glide to second place in the Focus on Maple Grove photography contest.

Summertime in Minnesota offers plenty of opportunity to be outside; Mindy Gallagher of Maple Grove captured the essence of summer activity in her family’s backyard pool.

Last June, Gallagher’s daughters Laeney and Fiona, then ages 6 and 4, decided to try to swim across the pool holding hands the entire time. Gallagher snapped a photo in the late afternoon sun while the girls were making the trek, capturing a beautiful moment of sisterly teamwork.

“I love this photo, as it shows my daughters reaching for that goal of making it across the pool with one hand, but their other hand remains connected, bonding them together,” Gallagher says.

Gallagher was inspired to capture this photo not only because she loves to take photos of her daughters, but also because of the visual impact of water. “I am constantly inspired and amazed with photographing people in water and how in an instant the photo composition can change, depending on how light and their movement affects the water,” she says.

An art major in college, it’s not surprising that Gallagher finds photography so captivating. She typically uses a Nikon D40X when traveling, at parties and events or on hikes, but Gallagher happened to record this special moment on her iPhone, which she always has on hand.

“It was a sweet moment that I feel lucky to have captured,” Gallagher says.


Submissions for the 2014 Focus on Maple Grove photo contest will be accepted beginning in August at maplegrovemag.com.