Special Holiday Treats from Nadia Cakes

Unicorns leave questionable gifts for Maple Grove residents.

Every year Nadia Cakes offers unicorn poop cupcakes on April 1. “This is a huge event at the shop, and people go nuts over these. Last year the line went into the street, and the shop was so over capacity that we had to lock the doors and let people in a few at a time,” says Abby Jimenez, owner of Nadia Cakes. If you haven’t figured it out yet, these are a delicious take on April Fool’s Day, and flavor options are abundant. Available March 31 and April 1 only, most flavors are $3.25 each or 12 for $30, six for $16.50 or four for $11.50. (Unicorn Poop cakes, extraordinary as they are, cost $5 each and are not available in a package deal.)

The flavors are:

Spaghetti and Meatballs: White cake with cream cheese frosting and raspberry preserve

Mashed Potatoes: Salted caramel

Peas and Carrots: Chocolate vanilla

Turkey Leg: Vanilla  

Kitty Litter: Chocolate vanilla

Bacon and Eggs: Lemon drop

Unicorn Poop: Use your imagination on this one

All of these are available gluten- free as well at no extra charge.

11650 Fountains Drive; 763.575.8885; nadiacakes.com