Stain Removal Myths

Experts at Plaza Cleaners offer advice on what not to do.

Got a stain and not sure how to get it out? Plaza Cleaners offers some helpful tips to help preserve your delicate pieces.

Hairspray is hearsay
Using hairspray to remove ink is a popular myth, according to the manager at Plaza. “You might be able to get the ink stain out but you won’t be able to get the hairspray stain out,” he says.

Don’t wet the sheets

Wetting a stain with water and rubbing it in will more than likely make matters worse. “The garment will ruin,” he says. This method will usually either spread the stain or remove the color from the actual fabric.

Treat the fabric—not the stain
Following the instructions on the tag is the best stain remedy for your specific garment.

Plaza Cleaners warns people to be careful of home remedies because no two fabrics are alike and it’s impossible for one remedy to work for all stains. The risk? Ruining the garment.