Street Smart: Education in Defense

Dynamic Defense teaches for real-life.

Modern technology means more multitasking—listening to music, texting, surfing the web—all tasks that can lower awareness of what’s going on around you. At Dynamic Defense, students are taught to recognize dangers before they become real problems. Owner Jack Pettengill and business partner David Bernstein teach street defense and Tae Kwon Do classes, many of which are conducted while participants wear their office attire or seasonal hats, gloves and coats to simulate real-life experiences. Techniques include leverage and redirection of force, and creating space, to allow time to make the best decision in a threatening situation. “Right from the get-go, students are taught to recognize body language to increase that gut feeling, to get out of danger before it occurs,” Pettengill says.

Dynamic Defense offers classes for ages 5 and up, and seminars for corporations and groups seeking team-building and training.