Strings ’n’ Keys

Begin your musical journey with pointers from the pros.

Two Maple Grove music schools, Spark Music Studio and All Things Musik, bring their talent to the public—teaching local kids and adults all about music, and teachers hope each student will soon join them on a musical journey of discovery.

Hunter Fraser, piano teacher at Spark Music Studio, has been playing the piano for nearly 15 years and began his journey at 8 years old. Throughout his life, many individuals inspired him to go after his dream of playing piano, each stressing a similar lesson. “Your musical voice is valuable. We want to hear it and help you learn how to use it,” he says.

Fraser says the most challenging aspect of playing the piano is learning to stay motivated. Learning to overcome  musical obstacles is vital.

Ilan Blanck, guitar teacher at All Things Musik, has been playing the guitar for almost 17 years and began his journey when he was 6 years old. Three people played inspirational roles in his life. They included his father, an elementary school music teacher and a rabbi. Thanks to them, Blanck continued his studies and discovered his love of the guitar.
“By now, music is the lens through which I see my world, so continuing to play and teach is my way of finding a path through my life,” he says.

Blanck mentions the guitar is a complex instrument. Many aren’t aware that there are many different ways to play the same song, allowing musicians to create new interpretations.