Summer Berries are Abundant in Maple Grove Restaurants

Sample the quintessential summer fruit at these familiar spots.
Classic Blueberry Pancakes at Minne’s Diner

From pillowy, blueberry-filled pancakes at Minne’s Diner to savory cranberry-topped sandwiches at Daily Dose Café & Espresso, delicious berries are found in a variety of dishes and drinks across Maple Grove. Whether garnishing a cocktail, or served atop a scrumptious dessert, berries add the right dose of sweetness to any meal, and pair perfectly with the saturated sunsets and beach days of summer. Don’t let the season go by without sampling the fabulous fruits available at these restaurants.

Blueberry Pancakes

Minne’s Diner
From the home of the Minneapple Pie at Minne’s Diner in Rogers comes a classic favorite—blueberry pancakes. These made-from-scratch buttermilk cakes are topped with blueberry topping and smothered in maple syrup, making them simply delicious at $7.49. Add a side of smoked applewood bacon or sausage links for $1.99 to make this dish wholesome and hearty. “The blueberry pancakes are great because we make our own blueberry sauce, and we don’t use processed food,” says owner Jackie Dusosky. “We have one cook, Luis, who has a reputation for making the best pancakes in town—he makes the batter from scratch and makes the fluffiest pancakes. The blueberry topping also includes fresh blueberries, which makes it a great concoction.”
13105 Main St., Rogers; 763.428.4176

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

Daily Dose Café & Espresso
Daily Dose may be known for its caffeinated beverages, but head here for lunch and you won’t be disappointed. The Turkey Cranberry Hot Panini is layered with applewood smoked turkey sliced in-house, provolone, spring greens and cranberry chutney between two slices of cranberry wild rice bread, served with gourmet chips and a crunchy pickle spear. Order the full panini for $7.95, or a half for $4.95, and add soup or a side salad for $3.50 more. For a healthier take, the Cranberry Goat Cheese Salad is a spring mix-based salad topped with cranberries, bell peppers, goat cheese, candied pecans and tossed in vinaigrette. $6.95.
15517 Grove Circle N.; 763.657.0919

No-Sugar-Added Wild Strawberry

CherryBerry Self-Serve Yogurt Bar
From the non-fat Blackberry Tart to the No Sugar Added Wild Strawberry, CherryBerry’s wickedly delicious frozen yogurt flavors are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Can’t decide between Blueberry or Raspberry Tart? Mix both for a berry delicious treat. If you’ve never stepped foot in CherryBerry, all you need to do is grab a cup, pile it high with frozen yogurt, then head over to the topping station to load up on your choice of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. Add a little extra sugar with candy toppings such as peanut M&Ms, gummy bears and Reese’s Pieces, or for a crunch, granola, chocolate-covered almonds or peanuts. Price based on cup weight.
11630 Fountains Drive; 763.273.4538

Double Berry Mojito Shaker

TGI Friday’s
Mojitos are the quintessential summer drink, and what better way to sweeten the deal than with a berry garnish? The Double Berry Mojito Shaker at TGI Friday’s mixes Bacardi rum with fresh ingredients—fresh mint, lime, strawberry puree, raspberries, lime juice, lemon juice and pure cane sugar—to make for a drink that blends sweet and sour in perfect harmony ($8.59). They make their own sour in the store and the drink comes in a shaker, so you actually get two small drinks. For the blackberry fan, the new-to-the-menu Berry Sangria is another fantastic option that combines Apothic Red blend wine, Seven Daughters moscato, Mount Gay Eclipse rum, Aperol, blackberries, lime juice, lemon juice and pure cane sugar. $9.49.
11830 Fountains Way; 763.424.3446

White Chocolate Bread Pudding

Biaggi’s is known for its delectable Italian dishes, including the Shrimp and Crab Cannelloni and Lasagna Bolognese, but before you dig into a hearty pasta dish, save room for dessert. This White Chocolate Bread Pudding is made with rich and buttery brioche bread, drizzled with white chocolate sauce and topped with plump strawberries for a sweet, filling dessert ($7.99). “It’s an absolute staff favorite, made with broche bread and it’s got a sweeter, richer flavor to it,” says managing partner Mark Borowiak. “It also has chocolate shavings, and it’s a great twist on a classic bread pudding dessert—it’s absolutely decadent.” Too full for bread pudding? Order one of the many Gelati e Sorbetto flavor options, including a refreshing raspberry sorbet for $3.99.
12051 Elm Creek Blvd.; 763.416.2225

Saint Andrews Salad

Girvan Grille
Looking for a healthy lunch option that blends sweet and savory, but still packs a wholesome punch? The Saint Andrews Salad at Girvan Grille in Brooklyn Park is worth the drive. The salad combines fire-grilled chicken, spinach and mixed greens, red onions, almonds, mandarin oranges and feta cheese, topped with sliced strawberries and tossed in a sweet, strawberry vinaigrette ($12). “The salad dressing is homemade, plus the salad is gluten-free, so it appeals to a large base of people,” says manager Marcus Miller. “It has all fresh ingredients, including spinach and mixed greens, which give you a nice variety of greens, as well as fresh strawberries and our made-in-house candied almonds.”
8700 Edinbrook Crossing, Brooklyn Park; 763.315.8535

(Photo by Emily J. Davis)

Triple Berry Scone

Panera Bread
No morning should have to go by without a pastry. Head to Panera to pick up one of their many delicious pastries, such as the Triple Berry Scone, a freshly baked cream-based scone made with dried strawberries and blueberries, raspberry-flavored chips and drizzled with a light glaze of white icing and half and half cream ($2.67). If muffins are more your taste, the Wild Blueberry Muffin is also freshly baked, made with real wild blueberries and topped with crunchy turbinado sugar ($2.24). Add a coffee or tea to your order, and you’re set for a wonderful day.
7778 Main St. N.; 763.416.0436