Sweet Tooth Dog

First-place winner waits for a treat.

In the 2015 Focus on Maple Grove photo contest, Kim Seeger won first place in the Pets category with this photo of her 3-year-old golden retriever, Levi. Last December, Levi parked himself in front of the oven in hopes of getting a delicious peanut butter cookie just in time for Seeger to capture the memorable holiday moment on her iPhone. Levi is often the center of Seeger’s photos as the neighborhood-friendly dog who loves sweet treats like peanut butter and ice cream. He plays with his best friend Ruby, a chocolate Lab who lives next door, as well as with Seeger’s husband and two daughters.

This is not the first time Seeger has won the Maple Grove photo contest. In 2014 she placed with a photo of a tiny frog in the Boundary Creek neighborhood. Although she enjoys taking photos of her dog Levi and other animals, she has a passion for outdoor photography featuring her natural surroundings. Often accompanied by Levi on long walks through her neighborhood, Seeger gravitates toward capturing a moment in nature with her iPhone or point-and-shoot camera in hand. “Nature speaks to me. I always see a strong similarity between nature and life,” Seeger says.