Minnie’s Cookies

Minnie’s Cookies - Easter bunny

thinking about a taste of home, Maple Grove resident and owner of Minnie’s Cookies, Amanda Luecke, reminisces on the times when her mom, Mary or “Minnie,” would bake enough holiday cookies to cover the entire dining room table and every kitchen surface in between. “Baking has always been one of those things where if I am feeling stressed out or I just feel like having that comfort I turned to it,” she says. Read more about Minnie’s Cookies


Baking a Difference

Maureen Reagan

Can a cake make a difference? Can a concoction of batter meets frosting cure what ails? At times, the answer is “yes.” For Goodness Cakes, which originated in California, unites nationwide chapters of volunteer bakers, who bake and deliver birthday cakes to foster children and at-risk youth. Read more about Baking a Difference

Baking It Real

Baking It Real cookies

Sweet memories were a primary ingredient for Sarah Lofgren’s business, Baking It Real, a cookie kit design company.

The Maple Grove resident’s childhood memories of baking treats alongside her mother inspired her to develop the sweet service, so others can enjoy similar experiences—without too much prep and clean up in the kitchen.  Read more about Baking It Real

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