A Tisket, A Tasket

May basket on doorstep

One of the most charming, if not endearing, childhood traditions has to be the creation and delivery of May baskets. While the annual May 1 tradition might have dipped a bit in popularity, we think it’s time, especially as we look for ways to reconnect with neighbors and friends, to escort the custom back to the fore. Read more about A Tisket, A Tasket


Take In the Sweet Smell of Spring

vase of pink peonies

This is a time of renewal with plants emerging from the ground and shrubs and trees forming buds with the promise of a new season. What comes after that, is my favorite thing about spring—the sweet-smelling fragrances of early blooms. There is nothing better than heading out into the garden or going for walks and absorbing all the scents spring has to offer. Wouldn’t it be great to bring those lovely fragrances into your home? Read more about Take In the Sweet Smell of Spring

Native Blossoms in Maple Grove

They’re the bursts of color that catch your eye as you go 60 miles per hour along Highway 94, and the intricate clusters of blooms you see protruding from stems along Maple Grove walking paths. You see them every year and you can count on their friendly faces meeting you at different times in the season as the weather heats up. Meet six very special flowering native plants. This summer you’ll be on a first-name basis!

Butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa var. interior) Read more about Native Blossoms in Maple Grove

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