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A Rising Star

Kelly Eull, an attorney who concentrates her practice in family law, has
joined Maple Grove law firm Henningson & Snoxell. Eull was listed as a Super
Lawyers Rising Star in the 2010-2012 editions. “I was at a firm in St. Paul for
11 years, but I’ve lived in Maple Grove since 2005, and my kids (ages 3 and 5)
go to school there too,” Eull says. Henningson & Snoxell provided an option
to work where she lives. “I love Maple Grove, and not only is it great being by
family, it’s a great feeling being able to give back to a community that means

The Best of Maple Grove 2014: Top Shops, Restaurants and More

Everyone has their favorites. Perhaps you have a saying on your wall that expresses your view on life, or a window sticker on your car that reflects your take on an issue, or you wear a T-shirt that shows support for a favorite team. We express our preferences in myriad ways and Maple Grove makes it exceedingly clear each year as to who gets their backing as the “best” in a number of categories during the Maple Grove Magazine Best of 2014 competition. The races are always a bit heated because the competition can be tough.

Maple Grove Attorney: Kelly Eull

Kelly Eull, an attorney who concentrates her practice in family law, joined Maple Grove’s Henningson & Snoxell firm in December 2013. Being that Kelly has been listed as a Super Lawyers Rising Star in the 2010-2012 editions, we figured we’d ask her (on behalf of all of the working moms out there) how she balances the busyness that comes with being a successful career woman with her role as a mother and wife.

The Hearth is Back

Fireplaces were once the heart of a home, and Minnesota’s long winters invite people to gather around them again. Whether it’s warming up an unfinished basement, reimagining the family room or modernizing a dated interior, a fireplace creates a place to cozy up, warm your feet and take the edge off the heating bill, too. 

Double Sided Delight 

Southern Bank Opens New Maple Grove Location

Last November, Great Southern Bank opened a brand new location in Maple Grove. The bank sits on 7685 Zachary Lane, just behind Costco and Petsmart.

Mike Leinoen, banking central manager at the Maple Grove location, expressed his excitement. “We love it here and we are starting to do more things here. We are trying to get more and more involved with the community,” he says.

Maple Grove Companies Win Growth Awards

Two Maple Grove businesses were recently awarded a prestigious honor. Number 390 Channel Partners LLC and Fitness On Request both made the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Business List, and even rounded out the top 400. Each of these companies saw themselves grow upwards of 1,000% in the last three years. This feat, notes Brad Peterson, founder of Channel Partners, is due to his incredible staff. “We have been really fortunate to hire some terrific people that have come into roles that were bigger than they might have otherwise seen.


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