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Special Holiday Treats from Nadia Cakes

Every year Nadia Cakes offers unicorn poop cupcakes on April 1. “This is a huge event at the shop, and people go nuts over these. Last year the line went into the street, and the shop was so over capacity that we had to lock the doors and let people in a few at a time,” says Abby Jimenez, owner of Nadia Cakes. If you haven’t figured it out yet, these are a delicious take on April Fool’s Day, and flavor options are abundant. Available March 31 and April 1 only, most flavors are $3.25 each or 12 for $30, six for $16.50 or four for $11.50. Read more about Special Holiday Treats from Nadia Cakes

Savory Soups to Warm the Last Winter Chill

“It’s all home cookin’ like grandma would have made.” —The Lookout Bar and Grill owner, Mike Kinnan

The end of winter is near (we hope!) but it’s never too late for good soup—especially when there are so many flavorful and inventive choices in the Maple Grove area. From the ever popular and always classic Minnesota wild rice to soups with an international heritage, these choices will warm your body and your soul. It’s almost enough to make you wish for three more months of snow. Almost.   

Galway Bay Clam Chowder 
Claddagh Irish Pub Read more about Savory Soups to Warm the Last Winter Chill

Henry’s Café Serves a Mean Clubhouse Sandwich

Henry Lange, of Henry’s Café, serves a wide array of American diner-style fare. But the clubhouse sandwich is the local favorite at this small, nestled-into-the-corner eatery. With three slices of toast made from homemade bread, this sandwich is stacked with fresh lettuce, tomato and a spread of mayo atop layers of turkey, ham and bacon. The sandwich is best complemented by a simple soda. For big appetites, make the clubhouse a meal with the addition of potato salad, coleslaw or fries; $7.99 for the sandwich, $9.99 with the side.


Open until 2 p.m. Read more about Henry’s Café Serves a Mean Clubhouse Sandwich

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