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Making Renewable Strides

Washers and dryers can be pesky machines. Not only are they often large and
overbearing, they can be energy hogs. Maple Grove Senior High (MGSH) senior Jack
Egert noticed this and set out to find a sustainable solution. Enter: “Passive
Reclamation of Unexploited Energy,” a project aimed at recovering lost energy in
the process of cleaning clothes. Earlier this year, his invention received
recognition both on the state and international levels. Read more about Making Renewable Strides

A Rising Star

Kelly Eull, an attorney who concentrates her practice in family law, has
joined Maple Grove law firm Henningson & Snoxell. Eull was listed as a Super
Lawyers Rising Star in the 2010-2012 editions. “I was at a firm in St. Paul for
11 years, but I’ve lived in Maple Grove since 2005, and my kids (ages 3 and 5)
go to school there too,” Eull says. Henningson & Snoxell provided an option
to work where she lives. “I love Maple Grove, and not only is it great being by
family, it’s a great feeling being able to give back to a community that means
Read more about A Rising Star

Tech Star

Maple Grove resident and Wayzata High School student Ananya Mishra was named
a national runner-up for the 2014 Aspirations for Women in Computing award.
Presented by the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT),
this prestigious honor is based on interests, aspirations, accomplishments, and
community involvement in computing and technology. Read more about Tech Star

Osseo Area School District Welcomes Back Several Teachers Who Spent Time Away for Work and Play

Whoever said homecoming has to last just one weekend in autumn? For one group of Osseo Area School District educators, this school year has been one big homecoming celebration. We got to chat with four teachers and administrators who returned to Osseo this year after being away for a while, traveling, studying or just trying their hand at something new. What’s one thing they all have in common? They are pretty darn thrilled to be back.

New Novel Larkspur

How many of us have an undercover desire to publish a novel? Maple Grove resident Anastacia Hawkins has turned her long-time habit of writing into a debut fantasy adventure novel for preteens entitled Larkspur. It follows the journey of Taylor and Leslie, two young dancers who find themselves lost in the enchanted land of Larkspur.

Maple Grove, 75 Years After the Tornado

You may have heard about the big twister of ’39 that took a ¼ mile-wide swath out of Anoka and Champlain, but few people know that the same tornado tore through Maple Grove, leaving devastation in its wake. Fewer people lived in the area at the time, but those who were hit were hit hard. Photographs of the wreckage found at the Maple Grove Historical Preservation Society Museum tell us part of the story and some survivors fill in the gaps.

The Best of Maple Grove 2014: Top Shops, Restaurants and More

Everyone has their favorites. Perhaps you have a saying on your wall that expresses your view on life, or a window sticker on your car that reflects your take on an issue, or you wear a T-shirt that shows support for a favorite team. We express our preferences in myriad ways and Maple Grove makes it exceedingly clear each year as to who gets their backing as the “best” in a number of categories during the Maple Grove Magazine Best of 2014 competition. The races are always a bit heated because the competition can be tough. Read more about The Best of Maple Grove 2014: Top Shops, Restaurants and More


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