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Looking Forward

Sara Swan

While Sara Swan has over two decades of experience in special education, she initially didn’t have plans to turn a one-off mentorship into a full-fledged organization. But, she ended up developing Looking Forward Life Coaching (LFLC), a nonprofit mentorship program that works alongside people who could use some assistance in a variety of ways. Read more about Looking Forward

Treadmill Desks Take Off in Maple Grove

It’s common knowledge that sitting at a desk all day is draining, but have you ever heard the maxim “Spend energy to get energy”? That’s the theory behind the treadmill desk study Maple Grove resident and Salo employee spearheaded in 2008. Now he’s launched his own consulting business to bring a culture of wellness, energy and enthusiasm to offices all over the metro area. “I like to call myself Chief Culture Officer— it’s my unofficial title,” Dexheimer says. Read more about Treadmill Desks Take Off in Maple Grove

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