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Darling’s Salts & Rubs

Darling’s Salts & Rubs

When COVID restaurant closures forced chef Kyle Darling out of the kitchen, the Maple Grove resident decided to work toward his dream of opening his own butcher shop. “Nobody knew what was going to happen,” Darling says about the initial restaurant closures. Rather than sit idyl during that spring, he started to learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and began the process of designing his own brand, Darling’s Salts & Rubs. Read more about Darling’s Salts & Rubs

How Sweet It Is

Tanya Denny

The holiday season is back on in full force, and many home cooks are gearing up to serve Thanksgiving and December holiday meals that will put the exclamation point on “Dinner is served!”

While tried-and-true menu items are de rigueur this time of year, how about sweetening the cookpot? And, while we’re at it, let’s do that with some locally-harvested honey from The Honey Hut, which opened in 2012 and is owned by Tanya and Ryan Denny of Maple Grove. Read more about How Sweet It Is

Minnesota Menu

Beer Bread

The North Star State, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, the Gopher State, the Bread-and-Butter State—though Minnesota has numerous trademarks, its culinary scene is also unlike any other.

We’re no strangers to comfort foods (I’m talking about you, tater tot hotdish!) and easy-to-make meals, but Minnesota also offers unexpected discoveries, such as Indigenous and Asian foods and crave-worthy dishes. Read more about Minnesota Menu

Soup’s On!

By now, even the most fervent cooks have grown a bit weary as the holidays and heavy-food season begin to fade into the distance.

As with nature, cooking has its own seasons—enter the time for comfort cooking. Soup tops the list, providing warmth against winter’s chill and soothing what ails us—one glorious spoonful at a time. Our editors from across the Twin Cities celebrate soup’s restorative qualities by sharing some of their favorite recipes. Read more about Soup’s On!

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