When Maple Grove residents Jerry Powlas and Karen Larson set sail on Lake Superior in 1997, they didn’t just launch a boat, but also an idea that would change their lives.

Remember how fun picnic outings were as a kid? As adults, that excitement does not have to wane. We know that the planning is half the battle. That’s why we’ve started the work for you, filling your basket with delicious ideas from foodie shops around town.

Three species account for 55 percent of all trees in Maple Grove: maple, ash and spruce. Populations of an insect called emerald ash borer, commonly known as EAB, have killed more than 40 million ash trees nationwide. It has become the most destructive forest insect to ever invade North America.

If you stroll the Maple Trace neighborhood in Maple Grove, you’ll find newer multi-level homes nestled together on winding streets with cookie-cutter landscaping. Each has its own personality, within the restraints of a new housing development, but one house may catch your eye.

At 815 feet long and 20 feet wide, the Central Park ice loop, which opened in November, is the only refrigerated ice trail in Minnesota. The idea for the project was based on other ice ovals around the metro area, but the idea of an ice loop came all the way from Elkhart, Indiana.

In 2009, the ski-loving Koch and Wangen families of Maple Grove shared a dream: a high school downhill ski racing team. But the course to the now-thriving Northwest Alpine Ski Team (NWAST), a multi-school varsity team sanctioned by their home district, was far from easy.

Three Rivers Park District is hosting its fifth annual Frozen Frolic Fat Bike Race series at Elm Creek Park. Join fellow cyclists as you race through the winter scenery. The race uses a time-trial format, which welcomes participants of all skill levels.

Anyone paying attention to news regarding bee populations around the world is probably feeling a combination of startled, scared or even fascinated.

Rebecca Keran has always wanted the perfect backyard. When she and her family moved into their Brooklyn Park home four years ago, she began planning her own outdoor paradise.

Trees grow in one place, sometimes for centuries, watching as generations and communities grow and change around them. When Maple Grove was first settled in the 1850s, it was part of the Big Woods: centuries-old maple, oak, elm and basswood that covered tens of thousands of acres of Minnesota.