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Two new faces have been a part of Maple Grove Senior High (MGSH) this school year. Michael Lehan and Eric Mjolsness have joined the MGSH faculty as assistant principals. Lehan previously served as the assistant principal for Harding High School in St. Paul. Mjolsness spent 13 years in the St.

January is a month meant for looking towards the future, but this year indulge in some memories and travel back to the past. We asked some book, wine and music experts to share some of their favorite “forgotten classics”, so you can sit back, relax and let your memory do the thinking!

You won’t want to miss the upcoming production of The Mitten,beginning January 17, part of Stages Theatre Company’s 30th anniversary season.

At age 17, Jakob Fjeldsted has seen more of the world than most of us have at 30 or 40.

If you ask a room of quilters why they enjoy quilting, you will get answers as varied as the patchwork in their hands. But if you ask the Maple Grove Quilters why they’ve stuck together for over 20 years, the answer is simple: friendship.

Nearly forty years ago, when a neighbor teased Gene Heezen about his upcoming trip to the Ozarks, (“Are going down there to spit and whittle?”) Heezen thought, well, why not? He picked up a knife and discovered a new creative outlet.

Looking for a good book but not sure where to start? The Maple Grove Library has Library Advisory Services called BookSpace and Novelist that can help align your reading interests with a desired book, both of which are accessible to library patrons through the Maple Grove Library website.

They wear crowns and beautiful dresses, but they aren’t pageant girls— they are your Maple Grove Ambassadors.

Birthdays ordinarily include friends, family, presents, lots of cake and a few cheers to another year. Nate Bruss’ 16th birthday was anything but ordinary. On August 16th, Nate rang in his big day by making it even bigger: he set the world record for solo-piloting 10 aircraft in one day.