A Timeless Christmas Gift

Lorinda Judge-Ims offers a collection of vintage jewelry for the holiday season.

This Christmas break, step away from the temptation of buying something new and trendy, and try acquiring something classic and vintage. At Sue’s Country Cottage in Osseo, you can find some of the top jewelry selections from vintage jeweler and international reseller Lorinda Judge-Ims.

As part of a very niche market, Judge-Ims offers everything from Victorian-era pieces to designer Chanel necklaces to pieces from the 1960s. At her various locations and online, you can find a wide array of jewelry, especially pieces that are unique and historically rich.

One of the pieces that she recommends as a gift for the holiday season is the classic brooch. Younger buyers are selecting brooches to use as décor as well as for unique holiday accessories.

As Judge-Ims explains, “Vintage jewelry always has a story because it has a past.”