Tips for Keeping Dogs Safe This Winter

As the weather changes, so does your pet’s skin; dryness is a common side effect of winter. Here are a few tips courtesy of Keith Miller at Bubbly Paws to keep your pooch ready and safe for winter.

1. Many dog owners forget it can be cold under that warm fur, so providing a jacket is not only fashionable but practical. Make sure to thoroughly brush the dog after removing the jacket as it can create matting.

2. Salt is another feature of winter used to prevent people and cars from slipping, but it is damaging to the pads on the bottom of dogs’ feet as it dries them out. Try a moisturizing cream such as Mushers Secret or doggie booties. These not only keep the pads dry but can keep snow from building up between the toes, which can cause frostbite.

3. Lastly, since the sun is setting earlier, make sure it is safe to walk your dog. Try a collar and leash combo with reflective material or flashing lights to make others aware of your approach.